Sunday, 31 March 2013

Why choose is one of the top retailers online for people who want to buy watches. They have rave reviews from customers who have bought watches from their web site on their site and online in general. Customers praise the web site’s speed and efficiency. There are lists of reviews from customers as far away as Japan and Venezuela who have received their orders on time! partners with shipping companies around the world to ensure safe and rapid delivery. Director of Operations and Marketing Isaac Lustig oversees the shipping department and has a great record of on-time delivery. also earns praise for its value and selection. President Shlomo Lustig travels the world to find the best possible watches for his customers. Shlomo Lustig always says that the most important part of his job is making sure that his customers have a great selection available. He and his trained watch scouts find the best quality and price for the collection. has been reviewed by several online magazines and had been consistently rated at the top for its selection and service. also gets good reviews for its star customer service.  Agents are always available online or by phone. Like most web sites, includes descriptions of its products, but all are thorough and descriptive. They are written by jewelry experts but are easy for everyone to understand, even for people who speak English as a second language. has many international customers. Its customer service team speaks several languages and its prices can be shown in several currencies. The default currency is the English pound, because the company is headquarted in the UK. Visit to take a look at their collection, and head over to the “Frequently Asked Questions” page for information on their policies and how to order.

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