Sunday, 31 March 2013

Why choose is one of the top retailers online for people who want to buy watches. They have rave reviews from customers who have bought watches from their web site on their site and online in general. Customers praise the web site’s speed and efficiency. There are lists of reviews from customers as far away as Japan and Venezuela who have received their orders on time! partners with shipping companies around the world to ensure safe and rapid delivery. Director of Operations and Marketing Isaac Lustig oversees the shipping department and has a great record of on-time delivery. also earns praise for its value and selection. President Shlomo Lustig travels the world to find the best possible watches for his customers. Shlomo Lustig always says that the most important part of his job is making sure that his customers have a great selection available. He and his trained watch scouts find the best quality and price for the collection. has been reviewed by several online magazines and had been consistently rated at the top for its selection and service. also gets good reviews for its star customer service.  Agents are always available online or by phone. Like most web sites, includes descriptions of its products, but all are thorough and descriptive. They are written by jewelry experts but are easy for everyone to understand, even for people who speak English as a second language. has many international customers. Its customer service team speaks several languages and its prices can be shown in several currencies. The default currency is the English pound, because the company is headquarted in the UK. Visit to take a look at their collection, and head over to the “Frequently Asked Questions” page for information on their policies and how to order. Review

I am always hesitant to spend a lot of money online, but won me over. I was looking for a watch for my daughter for her college graduation. She is starting her first full-time job in a few weeks, and I thought a watch would be the perfect accessory for her new business suits. I had looked around the local department stores for a watch, but I thought most of them looked either too young or too old for her. She likes the new trends in watches, like rose gold, but I wanted to get something that she would be able to use for years to come.

I did a Google search online, and I saw an ad for I clicked on it and saw a great variety of watches on their home page. They had watches from all the big designers I had been considering. I was able to compare various watches by price and style. I even sent an email to a customer service agent to see if she thought the watch I had in mind would be right for someone my daughter’s age. She agreed that it would be perfect!

The watch came ahead of schedule, and I gave it to my daughter at her college graduation party. She was thrilled! She wears it almost every day. I’m also happy that it comes with a two-year warranty, so  will take care of any repairs that she needs for the next few years while she is getting set up in her job.

Thursday, 28 March 2013

My Experience with

This year, I decided that my holiday bonus check would go to a great watch. I’ve been noticing a lot of my coworkers have really sharp and professional watches, and I would love to be able to tell the time during meetings without looking like I am checking my cell phone. I only have a plastic running watch, which is great for the trails, but less so for the office. This winter, I started to do some research about watches to see how much they would cost and what I could find in my price range. I asked some of my coworkers where they had gotten their watches, and I got a variety of responses from small jewelers to department stores. I check them all out but found the prices a bit high. Then, my brother recommended  When he told me the deal he had gotten on a watch for his girlfriend’s birthday earlier this month, I was really impressed.
I went to and it turns out they had just the watch I had been eyeing in GQ! I also looked at the used watches on their web site. They had some really good classic options in great shape, but I decided to go with a new watch. I was a little nervous about making such a big purchase online, so I chatted with a customer service agent. She reassured me that has a great return policy, and you can send anything back in 45 days as long as it is not used. Everything they sell is also under warranty. I felt reassured and ordered the watch. It came really quickly, and I love wearing it around the office! It looks great and I know it will last a long time. I’d highly recommend to anyone looking for a new watch at a great price. Blog Tracks Jewelry Trends

If you’re looking for more information on the latest jewelry trends, check out the blog at ‘s web site, I love to read fashion blogs online, and this blog from the number one watch retailer on the web is quickly becoming one of my favorites for news on jewelry trends. It has a great variety. I’m always surprised to see how much I can learn about watches on their web site at  Today, they have a great feature on the Odis Bob Dylan watch, which I know my Dad would just love for his birthday. The classic but rustic watch really captures the style of Bob Dylan’s American tomboy look.

The blog also always features new advertising campaigns for watches, and it has articles on watches that sell at auction, or remarkable watches like a recent $5 million watch that is on display in Basel, Switzerland. According to the blog, the watch is for display only. The blog also helps to explain special features on watches. It’s a great resource if you are wondering what all those knobs and dials on your new watch are for! It can also help you plan your next jewelry purchase to make sure you get the most for your investment.

The blog is written by the team of experts at After catching up on the blog, I always click over to their retail site at to see what’s new or on sale. is an international company that curates a finely edited collection of watches. They have watches from around the world at surprisingly great prices! I’m always impressed to see how well they can beat department store prices. Check out the blog and the retail site next time you are looking for a watch or just a good read online.

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Valentine’s Day Gifts from

This year, lots of Valentines will be turning to to pick out the perfect watch for their Valentine! There are a number of great watch trends for winter and spring 2013, so it’s no surprise that watches top lots of people’s Valentine’s Day wish lists. For a romantic touch on a woman’s watch, try something in rose gold, a color that has taken the jewelry market by storm this year. The lightly pink color is perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Are you stumped or confused about which watch to get for your Valentine? Don’t worry! Just call the experts at They will walk you through the different options available in their massive selection. If might be a good idea to get some general idea of your sweetheart’s style first, but if you’re not sure, the customer service agents at are more than used to working with gift givers to pick out the perfect watch for a man or a woman.

You can’t go wrong with a classic watch from a great watchmaker like Cartier, Chanel or Tissot.   has a large collection of “classics,” watches that they always stock, and plenty of watches that also follow current trends. If Chanel is a bit out of your price range, also has a great number of stylish watches at lower price points that are sure to make great gifts.  You can search by price, brand, or style on their very user-friendly web site. prides itself on having some of the lowest prices on the market. They consistently beat stores and other online retailers to the lowest price on a given watch. This Valentine’s Day, order your loved one a watch from Their great prices will mean that you will have a little extra for flowers and chocolates too!

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Meet the Experts at

Most online shoppers like to do research before making any purchase. Over 100,000 people have trusted the experts at to give them advice about their online watch and jewelry purchases. hires and trains jewelry experts to give their customers all the information on a potential watch or jewelry purchase before they buy. Professional jewelers and jewelry appraisers help to write the product descriptions on, so that customers can get all of the up-to-date information on the style and technical side of a watch before they buy it. watches are all selected by trained scouts who are led by the company President, Shlomo Lustig. Shlomo has more than 15 years of experience in watch retail, and he personally selects many of the watches himself. Now, because of the size of the company, he has taken on the role of training scouts and approving the collections, which allows to offer a large collection all with Shlomo’s personal touch.  Scouts travel all over the world to find the best pieces for

All customer service representatives at are trained in the watches. They know how to describe each watch’s style and function.  Because they sit in the offices, they can easily get up and look at a watch in person to make sure it has any function that you are looking for. They even try on the new watches so that they get an idea of how they look first hand.  Every customer service representative for is also trained in troubleshooting, jewelry maintenance, and the company’s warranty, return, and shipping policies.
As you can see, any advice you get from will come from a trained expert with a wealth of knowledge about watches and jewelry. Visit their web site or contact their customer service department to see for yourself, or to make a purchase.’s Home Offices is primarily known as an internet company. It has broken all records for an online watch retailer, and it continues to grow. has more than 100,000 customers who have never set foot into a store. Unlike some companies that operate stores and a website, they don’t have any stores at all. The company only interfaces with customers on the phone or online via chat or email. All orders are placed through their web site at

Despite the fact that all of their retail business is done online, still needs somewhere from where to run their operations. Now, they have two main offices; one in the UK and one in the United States. From these offices, they handle all of the packing and shipping of purchases. This is all overseen by Operations and Marketing Director Isaac Lustig, who works between the two offices. The home offices also house the returns and repairs department. If you call or email with a customer service rep for, you’ll talk to someone in one of these offices as well.  They also have all of the traditional departments you would find in any large company, such as human resources, accounting, and quality assurance.

It is remarkable to see how the offices can be so busy and efficient! Even though does not have a store, they still run a full retail operation with a great deal of inventory. Staff work quickly to get every order out the door as quickly as possible, even during busy times around holidays. Unfortunately, visitors are not allowed at the offices for security and insurance purposes. You’ll just have to visit the web site at to get an idea of their huge collection and the speed with which they operate!